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“Winchester M70”

To T and T Arms;

Hi Tony, wanted to let you know I received my M70 and I’m very happy with the work you’ve done. The bluing spot repairs you did blend in great with the factory finish. The trigger job is the most impressive change, I can’t believe the crisp break at just over 2 lbs compared to the original 6 lbs +, this has improved my shot grouping dramatically.

The free floating of the barrel looks like a factory job with even space down both sides of the barrel. The bedding work is unseen yet can only improve the consistency of this hunting rifle.

The best part was taking it to the range and cycling through some rounds. The groups have tightened by 50% easily @ 200 yards compared to before  you worked your magic. Can’t thank you enough and look forward to seeing what you can do to the rest of the collection.



After touchup
After touchup