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Frictionless Release Technology™

TriggerTech developed FRT™ to get away from the limitations faced by sliding friction triggers (all other triggers are sliding friction triggers). FRT™ is comprised of a patented, free-floating roller that is captured between the sear and the trigger. This advancement makes it possible for us to engineer the ideal release characteristics into every one of our triggers.

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Triggertech how it works

Triggertech how it works



Zero Creep Drop-in Trigger for Rem 700 $189.99

Our patented FRT™ leads to a crisp, precise and zero creep release. Utilizing true rolling resistance eliminates the drawbacks associated with sliding friction, resulting in the best release possible.

Rem 700, 1.5-4lb (600-1800 grams) adjustable drop-in trigger
FRT™ uses true rolling friction to attain a zero-creep release characteristic, increasing accuracy, safety and user feel
1.5-4lb adjustability without taking your trigger out
Adjustability has a positive click indicating 1 oz increments
Corrosion and lubricant free: Rolling action with 440C Stainless Steel internals
Anodized high grade aluminum housing, Stainless steel inner      components
Hand assembled, tested and Quality Controlled in North America

PGW on Triggertech’s new Rem 700 Trigger:

TT-AR-15 Drop-in Trigger for the AR Platform $299.99

Our FRT™ is now available for the AR-15. Much like with our other products, we have taken friction out of the equation. With no friction, we can really maximize performance and offer a true Zero Creep trigger.
Trigger Specs

Short Two Stage Action, designed to feel like a 1911 trigger
Frictionless Release Technology (FRT)™ Zero Creep
Choice of Curved Trigger Lever or Straight Flat Face Trigger Lever (please specify your preference when ordering)
Adjustabile and fixed weight options available
Enhanced Reset Control™ leading to sub .030″ reset
Optimal hammer spring and geometry for the highest possible performance
All Stainless Steel 440C internal components with 6061 aluminum anodized housing
Straight drop-in to .154″ pin (not applicable for .169″ Colt)

Triggertech AT-15 Overview


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