Shooter’s Friend Slip-On recoil pad $24.99

Shooter’s Friend Slip-On recoil pad $24.99

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The Shooter’s Friend Recoil Pad $24.99

The Shooter’s Friend Recoil Pad is the Long-Gun Shooter’s Best Friend.
Men, women and kids that shoot 1-400 rounds a week find The Shooter’s Friend to be a recoil pad they can rely on. Riecken’s high-tech, patented gel absorbs up to 70% of recoil. We here at T&T Arms use these gel pads extensively on both modern and older firearms and have found them to be superior to pretty much anything else out there when it comes to comfort and durability. We always have one in the range bag.
Reduce flinching instantly by reducing recoil up to 70% with this easy-on, easy-off pad. Use for hunting or target shooting. It will not harm your stock, won’t harden in cold weather or become brittle with age, and takes the sting out of even the hardest kickers.

The Shooter’s Friend:
-easily slides on and off
-will not harden or get brittle with age
-will not harm gun stock
-used with rifles and shotguns
-used when hunting and/or shooting
-not affected by cold temperatures
-easily cleans up with soap and water
-Made in the USA

Shooter's friend recoil pad

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