We pride ourselves in the services we provide:

  • New and used firearms sales, with available financing
  • Gunsmithing, customization, personalization
  • Accessory sales including holsters, optics, cases, rails, magazines, bipods etc
  • Estate planning to include consignment sales of firearms including non restricted, restricted and prohibited classes as well as safe ammunition disposal

Buy, Sell, Consign

We buy and consign firearms of all types, whether large collections or individual pieces. We have successfully sold several larger groups, and hundreds of individual guns. We offer competitive consignment rates (determined by value of the item). All firearms that you are interested in selling or consigning must be brought in to evaluate. No price or quote will be given until we have physically seen the firearm. We don’t appraise firearms.

The decision whether to sell or consign is arrived at by mutual agreement. Consignment is best suited to maximizing profit when no time constraints exist. For fast settlement, we will buy your entire collection at fair market value. We prefer to purchase whenever possible, as it allows more discretion in determining a price that matches the market. On the other hand, we prefer to consign specialized firearms (high dollar items, custom guns, etc.) to both maximize the seller’s profit and minimize our risk in hard-to-determine markets.

Consignment payout is as follows:

Up to and including 399.00 = sale price less 30%

$400.00 – $1199.00 = sale price less 20%

$1200 and over = sale price less 15%

Firearms left on consignment are subjected to a 60 day hold policy. Items removed before the initial 60 days will result in a $50.00 flat fee charge for our time and paperwork involved. After the 60 days the item will need to be renewed or picked up.

Freehand Camo Painting


…and after…


Custom Stock Build

A Ruger 10/22 TAKEDOWN using an ATI stock. Photos show both the original and TD stocks for comparison.



Customization and Restoration

A very tired rifle AKA the “Dragged behind a truck gun”, with custom camo stock painting, bedding and bluing restoration.