Federal Vital-Shok 180 Gr. Nosler Partition .308 Win

Federal Vital-Shok 180 Gr. Nosler Partition .308 Win. $42.83 per box of 20

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Federal Vital Shok Premium Ammunition – .308 Win.

Expect extreme consistency and flawless on-game performance. Federal loads its Vital-Shok rounds with premium components and some of the deadliest bullets on the market from Nosler. With a Ballistic Coefficient rating of .474 and Nosler Partition bullets in 180 Gr. you know this is a great choice for taking down larger game.

The Nosler Partition was one of the original Premium® big game bullets and it continues to be a standard for consistency. Designed for medium to large game animals, the partitioned copper jacket allows the top half of the bullet to mushroom, while the bottom half remains in tact. This design provides deep penetration and ultimate stopping power.