T&T Arms SWAG – Cups, mugs and in your face

HOME DECOR. Get the fuzzies every time you look at at it…’Thank you, Tony’. Show your buddies you’re smart!

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T&T Arms SWAG – Home Decor

Mugs, cups, pillows, clocks, duvets. Acrylics blocks to throw at the anti-neighbour. Immerse yourself in T&T Arms!  Tapestries to hang in the man-cave! We have served you well…and you are grateful. So are we. Show it off.

Swag – slang: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swag

  • Swag bag, or promotional merchandise, typically purchased to show support of a cause close to your heart
  • Swagger, an ostentatious style of walking to assert dominance, common among gunnies, yet frowned upon by some…
  • Stolen goods, in 2018 politician thieves’ cant…

Be seen to be supporting hard-working small Canadian businesses!

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Thank you ~ Tony

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