Stryk B Pistol

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The next generation has arrived !

Arsenal Firearms’ STRYK B pistol is based on the original technical design of the Strike One pistol but lifts that outstanding functionality to the next stage of development.


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Click here to see the Stryk B being tested, 100,000 rounds through it without a hiccup!

Five Technical Highlights of the Stryk B Pistol


At 12mm, the STRYK B Pistol has one of the lowest bore axis on the modern pistol market. Shooters notice the difference immediately: low muzzle flip and reduced recoil enable significantly faster consecutive shots and greater accuracy.Sketch AF-Speedlock TM - 2Sketch AF-Speedlock TM - 1

Icon SHORT RESET TRIGGERShort Reset Trigger

With a reset of just 2.5 mm, the straight trigger on the STRYK B Pistol gives shooters absolute control for faster, more accurate consecutive shots and creates a remarkable advantage for sport-shooters.

Icon GRIP MAPPINGGrip Mapping

The specially developed grip mapping combines unique touch & feel with maximum firearem control for safer handling and an immediately recognizable design.

Icon MONOCOQUEMonocoque

The modularity based on a monocoque engineering allows users to replace the polymer frame in a few simple steps using just one tool. It is legally classified as a non-essential firearm component, which means that it can be customized in a wide variety of ways while ensuring easy caliber conversions.

Icon SLIDE SERRATIONSSlide Serrations

The distinct serrations on the front and rear slide sections ensure added safety for secure handling, faster and easier weapon clearance and a unique look with high recognition value.

Arsenal Firearms didn’t spare expense nor effort in the development of the STRYK B Pistol. Thus the newest model got an innovative surface coating QPQ (Tenifer), protecting it from external damages and corrosion. This guarantees a reliable usage of the pistol even under toughest conditions. The slide serrations on the surface of the slide ensure maximum grip during repetition even under greatest heat.

The magazine release button can be modified within seconds and without use of tools from right to left. Thereby the pistol can be comfortably used by right- as well as left-handed users alike. The glass fibre reinforced polymer grip is a perfect fit to the shooters hand. The so-called grip-mapping, which is arranged against the direction of movement of the pistol, is an optimal support for the handling.

The sights of STRYK B are compatible with all GLOCK aftermarket sights. As a buyer of STRYK B Pistol you have a huge selection of possible solutions in respect to material and designs.


Model name: STRYK B
Caliber: 9mm Luger
Operation System: Semiautomatic pistol, striker fired
Locking System: Recoil-operated with vertical locking block – AF-SpeedlockTM
Length: 193 mm
Height: 130 mm
Width: 35 mm
Weight, empty mag: 840 g (29,6 oz.)
Trigger Action: Single Action only , pre-cocked
Magazine Capacity: 15 (10 in Canada)
Safety: Trigger safety and firing pin safety
Barrel Length: 109 mm (4.3“), 6 grooves, right-hand twist 1:10
Type of Sight: Fixed
Material: Steel slide, polymer pistol grip, steel monocoque
Classification: Restricted
  • Hard case with integral lock
  • Allen key
  • Manual
  • 2 Magazines

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