GSG Firefly

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From a company you’ve known and trusted for decades, German Sport Guns. The Firefly is the newest in their lineup.

This pistol is essentially a slightly scaled down version of the Sig P226, perfect for shooters with smaller hands.

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The GSG Firefly, developed by GSG in Germany, was built to provide a lightweight and comfortable shooting experience for the user. It was developed using a ballistic grade polymer for the utmost reliability and durability, without sacrificing overall comfort. When looking for comparable models from an aesthetic point of view, imagine a slightly more compact version of the P226.

At a very lean 24.6 ounces and an overall length of 7.2”, this handgun can be easily operated by nearly anyone!

Why limit yourself with another handgun? The Firefly comes standard with a tactical rail on the frame and adjustable rear sights. Install a bridge mount on the accessory rail and you’ve opened your pistol up to an entire world of customization.

You’ve known and trusted GSG for decades, having made a name for themselves as a leading rifle manufacturer. Take that next step forward in their newly developed line of .22lr handguns!

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