Franzen Combination Cable Lock


Franzen International is a leading manufacturer of gun locks for the storage and transportation of rifles, shot guns, pistols and tactical weapons. Look no further for excellence.

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High quality zinc die cast construction with black powder coating. 1000 possible combinations. Three-digit tumbler design with smooth and fast action movement and resettable code. Requires only three easy steps to be used on almost any firearm.
Completely universal in fit. Franzen Combination Cable Lock is multiuseful, and has the smallest diameter pin on the market for a more diversified range of use. This cable lock is compact in size, has a cable length of 17 ½” to accommodate most firearms, and an indicator line to ensure proper security.


  • Protects against unauthorized use and child tampering.
  • Complies with applicable laws.
  • Select your own code from 1000 possible combinations.
  • Internal ejector spring for faster access.
  • Indicator line ensures proper application.
  • Small diameter pin for a wider variety of applications.
  • Fits most firearms, including AR-15 Bolt Actions and Pump Action Shotguns.
  • Used by numerous Federal Agencies, FBI, and Local Law Enforcements.

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Weight .103 kg
Dimensions 9 × 24 × 2 cm

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