Franzen AR15 Magazine Lock

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Franzen International is a leading manufacturer of gun locks for the storage and transportation of rifles, shot guns, pistols and tactical weapons.

Look no further for excellence.

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Franzen brings you the next step in firearm security with the AR15 Magazine Lock. By occupying the magazine well of the AR15 Firearm Lock we are adding an additional level of security that is needed in today’s market. Each AR15 Firearm Lock includes the ABUS precision stem cylinder with over 7500 different keys.

  • “Colt Canada” logo
  • Locks upper & lower receiver together
  • Discourages against theft of firearm
  • Protection against unauthorized use
  • Visual check for empty chamber
  • Gasket to prevent dust and ensure cleanliness
  • Improved transportation safety


Additional information

Weight .193 kg
Dimensions 19 × 12 × 4 cm

This lock will likely only fit AR15-type rifles.