Crickett Single-Shot Rimfire Rifle


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Crickett Single-Shot Rimfire Rifle Mossy Oak Duck Blind Blued

If you’re looking for a fun firearm to get your young shooter started with, consider this single-shot rimfire option, the Crickett Single-Shot. Each bolt-action model sports a blued barrel and the added safety feature of being able to shoot only one round at a time. This also teaches beginning shooters to make every shot count. Lightweight and easy for youngsters to carry at the range and in the woods.

Crickett Single-Shot Rimfire Rifles

  • KSA Model 162 Youth Rifle With Lock
  • .22 Long Rifle
  • 16.125 Inch Barrel
  • Blue Finish
  • Mossy Oak Duck Blind Stock
  • Single Shot
  • A great choice for beginning shooters
  • Bolt-action single-shot rimfire rifle
  • Light and easy for youngsters to handle
  • Target-style peep sights.
  • Weighs just 2lbs, 11oz

Manually cocking-style single shot bolt action rifles. Iron sights. Drilled and tapped for scope mounts. Two and one half pound trigger pull. Youth models length of pull is twelve inches and overall length is 30.5 inches.

The Davey Crickett

The strongest of all are Crickett’s molded Synthetic models. These models are the best for wear and tear in any outdoor conditions and provide you with that extra edge that separates the winners from the rest of the pack.



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