ISSC MK22 SCAR, 22LR, 16″, 22RD, Black or Desert Tan – GEN 2 NEW LOW PRICE – $529.95

ISSC MK22 SCAR, 22LR, 16″, 22RD, Black or Desert Tan – GEN 2 NEW LOW PRICE – $529.95

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ISSC MK22 SCAR, 22LR, 16″, 22RD, Black or Desert Tan – GEN 2 NEW LOW PRICE – $529.95

The Austrian ISSC MK22 Scar type rifle is an incredibly fun sporting rifle with a 22 shot magazines. This rifle combines the handling and reliability of a military style design, while also presenting the shooter with all the elements of a modern sporting rifle platform. The Scar feels like a centerfire weapon even though it is chambered in the economical 22 Long Rifle. The rifle comes standard with front and rear folding sights, cleaning kit along with picatinny style rail mounts and manual. The first generation of these rifles didn’t do well but these 2nd generation rifles have now got all the bugs ironed out. We’ve personally run thousands of rounds of 5 different types of .22LR ammunition through one without a single fault. The stock is side folding for compact transportation or storage, all controls are fully ambidextrous including the safety and mag release, and the non-reciprocating charging handle can be mounted in any one of the 6 user selected positions. Also features a 3 position length of pull adjustable stock.

If you’re looking for the ultimate “tacticool” .22LR rifle with reliability, cools looks and accuracy, the ISSC Scar is the rifle for you.


Tan is out of stock.



issc___mk22_desert_1024x1024 Legacy_Sports_ISSC_MK22_Rifle_Desert_Sand



Caliber 22 Long Rifle

Overall length 34,65″ – 36,06″

Overall height 10,27″

Overall width 2,81″

Barrel length 16,53″

Number of grooves 6

Sight length max. 15,74″

Weight without magazine 6,453 lbs

Trigger pull, approx. 5,50 lbs

Magazine capacity / rounds 22

Spare magazines available $49.99/each




Folding stock
Adjustable stock – 3 positions
Adjustable stock shoulder
Possibility to mount a sling buckle in the stock
Equipped with open sights (retractable / adjustable)
Rail system for all kinds of accessoires
UCAS system with 6 possible positions for the cocking lever
Modern design
Inexpensive .22lr caliber ammo
22 round magazine
High precision barrel

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