GSG 1911 Tactical .22LR Lifetime Warranty!

GSG 1911 Tactical .22LR Lifetime Warranty!

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GSG 1911 Tactical .22 LR Pistol without Fake Suppressor $450

The GSG 1911 Tactical Advanced Operator pistol takes the platform of the Standard Black GSG 1911 and kicks it up a notch with increased ability for customization and performance at a nominal cost. The Tactical GSG 1911 handgun has all the same great features as the GSG 1911, with a tactical rail. This particular pistol does not come with the fake suppressor found with the standard 1911 Tactical, thus the lower price. With the tactical rail included underneath the slide, you now have the ability to add a bridge mount and from there the possibilities are endless!

GSG 1911 Tactical

GSG 1911 Tactical

Bridge mount: GSG 1911 Bridge Mount

Spare magazines available: GSG 1911 Magazines

This pistol weighs 29.6 ounces and has an overall length of 8.5”, without the faux suppressor.

Manufactured by GSG in Germany.

Our supplier is not only the importer but also the warranty service provider for GSG so if there’s ever a problem, you’re ensured quick service and turn around.

Affordable, high quality, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Please contact T&T Arms at :

Email: E-mail to Tony Iannella

Phone: 250-498-2033

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This is as good as it gets in Canada, folks!


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