Finance your Firearm Purchases

We offer 2 options for this, Tactical Capital for financing, or an in-house Layaway plan. You decide which best suits your needs.

1) Tactical Capital Option:

Let’s get real. You WANT it! Today! Right?

Darn it! Payday isn’t till next Friday!

Your Visa is MAXed!

Sound familiar?

How can you get your hands on this one?

Financing, easy!

You: “I would love to own one. I can’t afford it!”

T&T Arms: “Of course you can finance this one…!”

You: “But how? I’m tapped out with bills!?”

T&T Arms: “Through our partner Tactical Capital Corp!”

It’s very much like buying a car from a dealership. You fill in the paperwork with the finance company, get approval. Finance company gives us permission to release the firearm to you and you make your payments to the finance company.

Finance your Firearm - Tactical Capital Corp
Finance your Firearm with our partner! Easy!

There is no magic to get financing for your new firearm!

We’ll help you make that dream come true. Today!

Contact us at  T&T Arms at :

Email: E-mail to Tony Iannella

Phone: 250-498-2033


2) In-house Layaway:


A layaway service on most firearms and optics is available with a minimum deposit of 25% of the purchase price. Full payment must be made within 90 days.

Cancellation of a layaway item or failure to pay in full after 90 days will result in the forfeit of the minimum deposit. Any remaining balance will be refunded to the customer.

There is no price protection or price matching after the order has been placed and regular cancellation fees will apply.

To purchase an item online through layaway: Place your order as normal and during check-out: select  “Phone-In Credit Card / Layaway / Special Order” payment method and complete your order. Once completed, give us a call at the number below with your order number and payment method.

Contact us at  T&T Arms at :

Email: E-mail to Tony Iannella

Phone: 250-498-2033