Bersa Thunder 9 Pro $589 – BACK IN STOCK

Bersa Thunder 9 Pro $589 – BACK IN STOCK

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Bersa Thunder 9 Pro $589

The Bersa Thunder 9 Pro has just been reviewed in Calibre Magazine and they raved about how fantastic a pistol this is. This pistol is essentially a clone of the Sig P226 but rather than using stamped steel for parts such as the safety and releases, they use machined and polished parts. The low labour costs in Argentina allow Bersa to manufacture a superior product at a fraction of the cost. No plastic levers to be found anywhere on this pistol, all steel with a beautiful finish throughout. If you’re looking for an amazing pistol at a price point below where you’d expect to find one, this is the one for you.

Bersa Thunder 9 Pro Review

Spare magazines are available for $42

Bersa Thunder 9 Pro

Bersa Thunder 9 Pro


We are happy to introduce for the first time in Canada, the Bersa Thunder 9 Pro. The Thunder 9 Pro is a 9mm semi-automatic handgun manufactured by Bersa in Argentina. The Thunder 9 Pro was developed in the 90’s for law enforcement and military service and has been tested under the most adverse conditions for top of the line accuracy and dependability. With over 300,000 units produced, the Thunder 9 Pro sees usage with law enforcement, militaries and special forces across the South American continent and enjoys popular usage among action shooting disciplines such as IPSC and IDPA in the area.

The 20+ years that the Thunder 9 pistol has been in production has allowed Bersa to fine tune and tweak the design to the highest reliability, accuracy and durability standards. The fit and finish of the Thunder 9 Pro is incredible, the quality is only matched by pistols costing several times more. The pistol is 100% ambidextrous with slide release and safety/decocker levers located on both sides of the grip as well as featuring a reversible magazine catch. The levers and magazine catch are designed and positioned for exceptional ergonomics and a perfect grip. Fitted with a polygonal rifled barrel for ease of cleaning as well as increased accuracy and barrel life.

The alloy frame Thunder 9 Pro has an improved Browning Petter barrel locking system, giving excellent reliability during ejection of empty cases and feeding of live ammo. The Thunder 9 Pro is fitted with a multitude of safety devices including: manual safety lever and decocker, firing pin safety, hammer half cock notch, and a loaded chamber indicator.

Comes with magazine and manual.

Bersa Thunder 9 Pro in Black 

Bersa Thunder 9 Pro

Bersa Thunder 9 Pro



Bersa Thunder 9 Pro Duo Tone – DISCONTINUED

Bersa Thunder 9 pro Duo Tone

Bersa Thunder 9 Pro Duo Tone

Bersa Thunder 9 pro Duo Tone 2

Bersa Thunder 9 Pro Duo Tone

Bersa Thunder 9 pro Duo Tone 1

Bersa Thunder 9 Pro Duo Tone

•Picatinny Rail for attachment of accessories
•Made for both left and right handed users; full ambidextrous controls
•Oversize controls easy to access and manipulate, designed to work easily with gloves
•Exceptional fit & finish
•Military proven durability and reliability
•Rated for use with +P ammunition
•Polygonal rifled barrel
•Inexpensive spare magazines

Caliber: 9x19mm
Effective Range: 50m
Magazine Capacity: 10
Trigger Mechanism: Double Stage; SA/DA
Mechanical Safety: Decocker; double action, firing pin safety, hammer half cock, loaded chamber indicator
Sights: Fixed 3 dot combat
Sight Radius: 153mm
Length: 192mm
Barrel Length: 108mm
Weight: 872g


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Email: E-mail to Tony Iannella

Phone: 250-498-2033

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