ATA Arms CY Series Synthetic ONLY ONE LEFT – SALE PRICE $650!

ATA Arms CY Series Synthetic ONLY ONE LEFT – SALE PRICE $650!

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ATA Arms CY Series Synthetic $650

Quality and craftsmanship immediately come to mind when you first see the exciting new ATA Arms CY Series Synthetic ultra light semi-automatic shotgun.This is an extremely versatile semi-automatic, gas operated shotgun. Its basic design and trouble free operation make it ideal for all types of hunting and sport shooting. The model CY 3-1/2″ which is a completely new design that completes the ATA shotgun family. All CY 3-1/2″ shotguns have receiver grooves for scope mounting machined into the receiver top. Beretta choke system.

  • GAUGE: 12
  • CHAMBER: 3.5″”
  • BARREL: 28″
  • CHOKE: F, IM, C
  • WEIGHT: 12 GA – 2,9 kg
Light Alloy Receiver

The CY receiver is CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminium alloy to reduce overall weight and enhance the overall handling characteristics. Grooves for scope mounting are optional.

Hard Chrome Chamber and Bore

The barrel bore and chamber are hard chrome plated: this makes cleaning easier and provides additional corrosion protection when hunting in wet or humid conditions. Black chrome protects the barrel’s exterior: this is a much more durable finish than conventional blueing and will withstand many years of hard use and still look good.

Laser Cut Checkering

The fore-end and pistol grip feature finely cut chequered panels, precisely applied by laser to provide a comfortable and sensitive gripping area that further enhances the CY’s handling qualities

Unique Drop out Trigger System

The trigger mechanism can be easily detached from the bottom of the receiver simply by removing one steel pin. This allows easy removalof the complete trigger system which simplifies cleaning and allows equally quick and easyreassembly. Keeping your CY in excellent working condition couldnot be simpler. A cross bolt safety button located at the rear of trigger guard makes for quick and easy operation.


The CY breech bolt is precision machined from premium grade alloy steel, then hard chrome plated to reduce friction and increase corrosion resistance. The bolt is manufactured using the latest CNC machines and technology. It has also been subjected to the most demanding endurance testing, guaranteeing all owners a very long and trouble free service life.

Carrier Control Button

A carrier control button provides versatility by allowing for a quick change of load when the need arises; it also gives an additional margin of safety when wishing to clear the chamber without emptying the magazine.

Unique Dual Valve System

Regardless of what you may have heard, it has always been difficult to produce a single valve gas system that will effectively cycle everything from 24gr (7/8 oz) through heavy 76mm (3″) magnum load ammunition. Our CY overcomes this problem with its specially designed and unique dual valve system that permits the appropriate valve for the type of ammunition to be used to be quickly fitted. In this way the CY can be simply adjustedto suit different loads, for different species or seasons, as the valves are easily accessible and slide on and off in an instant.

A key benefit of this dual valve system is how it manages recoil, even reducing it compared to single valve shotguns. With its easy access the CY is also one of the least complicated semi-autos to clean, especially these criticalcomponentsso essential for dependable performance in the field. Put simply, the ATA model CY is the most versatile autoloader you can carry and a real joy toshoot.

Muzzle Weighted Balance Point

The CY’s balance point is centred slightly ahead of the midpoint between the shooter’s hands, giving the shotgun a slight ‘muzzle weighted’ feel. The exceptional balance and handling qualities promote faster pointing and target acquisition, combined with a smooth swing and follow through for greater accuracy and shooting success.

Chrome Lined Barrel

The CY features a lightweight profile barrel, which is chrome-lined barrels to withstand the wear and tear of high volume shooting while at the same time improving corrosion resistance. Lengthened forcing cones work to reduce felt recoil, curbing shooter fatigue while also improving patterns.

Trim and Lightweight

Shoulder a CY and you will appreciate how easy and lightweight it is to handle. From butt stock to fore-end, the CY is trim, precisely balanced and a pleasure to carry in the field, tipping the scales at just 2.5kg- 2.8kg (51 /2 lbs- 61 /4 lbs).

Interchangeable Receiver Engraving Plate

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