Arsenal Firearms LRC2 (Long Range Conversion 2) $2990

Arsenal Firearms LRC2 (Long Range Conversion 2) $2990

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The new LRC-2 (long range conversion kit) available in 2015 as a fab defense extension and a 300 mm (12 inch) stainless steel barrel. available in 9 luger only, this conversion kit allows fast and accurate long range accuracy shooting for the first time with an otherwise standard, semiautomatic polymer frame hammerless pistol.Only the Arsenal Firearms AF-1 Strike One, thanks to its in-line barrel and revolutionary locking system, allows the cycle to be completely safe even with a 12 inch barrel. The LRC-2 allows the mount of long range optic sights, red dots, collimators, night visions, so to expand a semiautomatic pistol beyond the known borders, allowing 100% shot placement at 100 yards and over.



The main difference from any other pistol in a carbine chassis is a true conversion to a carbine by swapping the 5″ barrel with a 12″ in a matter of seconds. Dressing up a competitor pistol in the chassis will make nothing more than tacticool looking handgun, while the Strike One is 100% reliably cycles the 12″ barrel increasing the projectile velocity and as a result extending the range of a sure shot placement from a handgun to a 100 meters and beyond.

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The set includes:

1 complete AF-1 Strike One pistol
1 folding and adjustable stock conversion with adjustable fore grip and 3 accessory rails
1 300mm (12″) long range barrel
3 spare magazines
2 (front and rear) folding, tactical adjustable, quick mount sights
1 cleaning kit
1 user manual
1 high impact polymer case


Also available for the Strike One pistol, the DPM recoil reduction system, $135



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