SA 1911 Carbon Fiber with Carbon Fiber Knife $509.99 Lifetime Warranty!

SA 1911 Carbon Fiber with Carbon Fiber Knife $509.99 Lifetime Warranty!

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The SA 1911 developed by Swiss Arms, builds on the principal values of the tried and true 1911 formula to create an affordable and accessible handgun for everyone to enjoy. With the SA 1911 you’re opened to an entirely new world of possibilities in the realm of accessories and customization. The tactical rail comes standard and allows further ability to accessorize with just the addition of a bridge mount. It doesn’t end there. The SA 1911 comes with a thread adapter standard, allowing for the installation of a fake suppressor.

This limited edition model of the SA 1911-22 comes with 2 magazines, carbon fiber grips and an actual carbon fiber knife. Check out the blade, it’s literally sharpened carbon fiber!

Coming in at a modest 29.6 ounces in weight and the standard 8.5” length, the SA 1911 can be comfortably handled by just about anyone!

You’ve known and trusted Swiss Arms for decades, having made a name for themselves as a leading rifle manufacturer. Take that next step forward in their newly developed line of .22lr handguns!

We have spare magazines, fake supressors as well as bridge mounts available


Affordable, high quality, and comes with a lifetime warranty.


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