Russian SKS Stocks, bayonettes, and magazines

Russian SKS Stocks, bayonettes, and magazines

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We have sets of Russian refurbished SKS stocks (with top guards) in both hardwood and laminate, original mags, and bayonettes. These are unused since refurbish. They were all removed from rifles in order to build ATI tactical builds. They won’t last long at these prices obviously so it’s first come, first served.

The photos are examples of ones pulled out for photos, not all identical obviously but all in similar condition. These would make great spares or upgrades for those who have dinged up stocks or just want extras and accessories. The accessories alone are worth far more than the package, let alone the stocks.

Hardwood stocks: $18 *out of stock*

Laminate stocks: $25 *out of stock*

Bayonets: $15 *out of stock*

Magazines: $20

IMG_7618 IMG_7619

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